Gold’s Incredible Houdini-Like Disappearing Act

Where has all the gold gone? According to Bloomberg’s Kenneth Hoffman (see link for video interview), previously filled vaults in London a few years ago are virtually empty and tens of millions of ounces have been transferred to Switzerland to be recast into a higher grade before being shipped off to Hong Kong and then […]

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The DuvalReport: Your First Source For News on Gold Markets and Gold Investments

Dear Friends, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the DuvalReport, an online investment newsletter whose coverage will be largely weighted towards the fundamental drivers of precious metals and other commodities and less so on technicals which typically fall within the purview of short term traders. Many of you will recognize me as the co-founder […]

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World Gold Council study points to strong gold demand in Q-3 of 2013

Consumer demand for gold in third quarter 2013 remained strong, after reaching record levels in the earlier period, the World Gold Council study reports. Depletion of western investors’ ETF positions during the year continued unabated although Central banks, Russia’s being among the largest consumers, continued to add gold to reserves but at a slower rate. […]

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