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Dear Friends,

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the DuvalReport, an online investment newsletter whose coverage will be largely weighted towards the fundamental drivers of precious metals and other commodities and less so on technicals which typically fall within the purview of short term traders.

Many of you will recognize me as the co-founder of another prominent gold newsletter that offers insightful commentary into the market conditions that drive gold and, for that matter, the global economy. DuvalReport is an independent, non-affiliated newsletter offering a different but nonetheless complimentary perspective of the gold market and the investment opportunities therein.

The commodities sector is enormously volatile but with that volatility comes opportunity for those with some working capital, patience and staying power. As a 45 year veteran of the minerals industry I have learned from personal and others experiences that a 2-3 year investment horizon is the optimum period for generating above average returns from an investment in high quality exploration and production companies. The issue becomes not so much making  excellent returns on your investment but capitalizing on them when they reach fruition.

The past two years have been brutal for gold prices and gold mining equities in particular. Many investors have booked substantial losses for their faith in an interrupted continuation of the bull market for gold. In the case of gold producers, much of the decline in their share prices has been self inflicted: companies paid too much for assets at the top of the commodities cycle; others hedged their production, losing much of the price upside as gold prices rose; the dreaded “bigger is better” syndrome – long the Achilles heel of the mining industry – reared its ugly head again, prompting companies to invest in large scale operations with little consideration for capital and political risk. The only thing more certain than death and taxes in my opinion is the fact that the gold market will recover and it will likely happen faster than most so called “experts” think.

In addition to synthesizing news from a broad range of sources and contacts for my readership, DuvalReport will issue research reports/analysis on various companies of interest to risk-oriented investors seeking potentially high-reward investment opportunities. The DuvalReport’s basic coverage will be offered as a free service, however, I will need to charge for research reports to cover the cost of maintaining the website and the time I put into it.

As an introductory offer, our first 50 paid members will be entitled to a $100 rebate off the $275 annual subscription for the DuvalReport. Click here for the details concerning paid membership to the Duval Report.

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best for the upcoming holiday season and also a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


David K. Duval

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