We’re Back!

The Duval Report is back after a six months hiatus! Throughout this period, we have seen a melt-up in the DOW and S&P and reverse action in gold and gold mining stocks which to put it bluntly have been decimated.

In recent weeks we have seen US dollar strength hit the gold price hard; this has pushed gold mining stocks into heavily oversold territory, positioning this market segment for a bounce which has been long overdue. Of course, a sustainable bounce and a reversal in gold’s three year bear market remains to be seen. The Duval Report believes we have either reached a bottom for the metal and for gold mining stocks or are very close to it.

Looking to the future, we are planning to change the editorial direction of  The Duval Report which will remain a free service to the investment community. (Depending on the level of  traffic to our site , we might at some point entertain running banner ads to offset maintenance costs. But that is probably years away).

Our publisher, David K. Duval, will be covering specific situations (all mining stocks) that should be of interest to both low and high risk investors. In addition, The Duval Report will host editorial contributions from a highly experienced Vancouver-based financial analyst who understands the cyclical nature of commodities markets and the intrinsic value they offer to investors.

David K. Duval


The Duval Report


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